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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Does your library have an Instant Messaging service?

If you are a librarian and your library has the IM service please let me know. I am currently compiling a list of libraries that have an IM service so they can get to your library from

Note: Currently I have redirected this address to my site. I will probably start with a section of the existing site for IM. If it grows to be too much, I will have them as two separate sites.

I was inspired to do this from a session at CIL 2006. There was a great presentation yesterday by the following presenters that helped spawn this idea:

Aaron Schmidt, Thomas Ford Memorial Library
Amanda Etches-Johnson, Reference Librarian, McMaster University
Michael Stephens, St. Joseph County Public Library

You can IM me on AOL: iamalibrariantoo (I have no plans to be on 24/7, but if you see me feel free to send me a message.)


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