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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

In February, I spent time reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. My co-worker, Catherine, lent it to me some time ago and I finally got around to reading it. Most of us know how that goes.

The story encompasses the student/teacher relationship and focuses on a world view through tales of creation and evolution. In many ways it makes you think outside the box and with a more global view of our time here. I could see how to many this would be a life altering work. I felt as if I had read similar stories before in the mystical student/teacher relationship, mostly in the Native American realm, so it did not resonate with me as much as it did with some of my co-workers. What struck me as interesting was the number of people who commented on the book as I carried it to and from work and in my travels around the city. Some read it for class others for pleasure, each time the comment came accompanied with a smile, that speaks volumes to me. I'd recommend this book.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life altering indeed! I read it almost 2 years ago and will never be able to go back to the same way of thinking again. And that's a good thing (to me, anyway)!

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