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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fairies: An Anthology of Verse and Prose

In March, I read Fairies: An Anthology of Verse and Prose published by Peony Press. It was a beautifully illustrated book that broke down some fairie lore into segments and presented a sweet collection of poetry. My only criticism is that I would liked to have seen the items chronological within the chapters. I think it would have helped put into perspective how the views of fairies changed throughout time or how they remained the same.

This book reminded me of a woman I met who draws beautiful fairie pictures. I was at a craft festival and deciding on one item that I was going to allow myself to buy within a limited budget. It was between two items and I felt a special connection to her print of a fairie with 4-leaf clovers. (Sometimes four-leaf clovers are said to be protection from fairies.) I often carry around four-leaf clovers and I decided to give one to this women. She stated that she had been searching for a four-leaf clover to put with her original painting. Since I gave her the clover that she was looking for she gave me the print of the picture I wanted. It's good to know that in this day and age you can still make a good barter. :) To see her work check out:


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