This blog started for the project I am a Librarian! It gave detail the project progress. It will now focus on discussions of the image of the librarian and my interactions with librarians and library staffers as well as cool information that I think could be useful to others.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Update & Book Expo

Here's a bit of a status update on the I am a Librarian project:

I have continued to go through surveys and I am getting in touch with those who fell through the cracks, so to speak. Well, I'm not perfect. So I apologize to those know who you are or will know soon and I thank them for their continued interest in this project and in many cases quick response time.

I am in the process of putting the pages into the format which I will submit to publishers. I will be going to Book Expo tomorrow in Washington DC to try and meet with some publishers or possibly agents. Thanks to my friends for their support and encouragement!

I am still working on updating the webpages to promote instant messaging in libraries. Once the pages are finished I will work on a press release and continued marketing.

Any questions?


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