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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Librarians on YouTube

Tonight I went to the InfoTubey Awards. Information Today hosted the awards for libraries that created videos on YouTube to promote their services. They chose 5 winners from approximately 60 entries.

Here are the winners:

New Jersey State Library:

Seneca Library - Canada:

McCracken Library - Kentucky: and

Williams College Library:

Arlington Heights Memorial Library:

And since the library from Canada could not afford to send someone to Virginia, here is the Acceptance Speech:

PALINET sponsored the snacks and coffee, which was a fantastic idea by the marketing team.

And since my co-worker Catherine likes the book cart drill teams, I thought I'd feature this one from Pitt:

And one that I think it pretty clever:

What are some of your favorite library videos?


Blogger Nancy Dowd said...

Thanks for the mention! The link you have for NJ goes to an earlier version, could you replace with this link?

We are hoping to gather lots of comments from folks who love their library. Thanks! -Nancy

BTW- What are your three reasons?

7:24 AM

Blogger I am a Librarian said...

Thanks Nancy! I have updated the link!

Here are the three reasons I love the library...

1.) Free access to information... books, CDs, DVDs, internet, etc.
2.) Great speakers!
3.) Friendly and encouraging library staff.

10:35 AM


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