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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The awaited travel schedule

I finally got together the potential travel plans. Please note, these may change.

Yes, it is crazy and I am driving about 10-12 hours everyday, but it is just how I have to do it.

I know that the Pacific Northwest is not included in this trip and it makes me quite sad, cause I love that area, but I would have to spend too much time driving though states where I don't have any librarians who completed surveys. If I can afford it, I will try to make it out there again before the book is completed. I know that I have some librarians from that area who I took pictures of last summer. Also I am hoping that I will be meeting up with some people from MN, WI area at ALA. I know that as one person it is hard to try and do it all. I am trying my best to include as many people as possible while considering all my limitations.

July 2 – PA – Live 8
July 3 – PA, NJ, NY (I drive to Trenton, NJ and then take the train to NYC)
July 4 – PA
July 5 – PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, NC, SC (near Greenville)
July 6 – SC, GA, FL (near Sarasota)
July 7 – FL, AL (near Birmingham)
July 8 – AL, MS, LA, TX (near Dallas)
July 9 – TX, OK, NM (near Albuquerque)
July 10 – NM, AZ, CA (near Los Angeles)
July 11 – CA (traveling towards Sacramento, San Fran then back to LA)
July 12 – CA, NV, UT (Green River or as far east as I can go)
July 13 – UT, CO, (possibly a short stop into WY), KS (Russell or as far east as I can go)
July 14 – KS, MO, IL (near Springfield)
July 15 – IL, IN, MI, OH (near Columbus)
July 16 – OH, PA (Home)

Please feel free to post comments.


Blogger Giselle said...

Are you coming through Topeka, KS?

2:38 PM

Blogger I am a Librarian said...

Yes, I plan to go through Topeka, KS.

9:11 PM

Blogger Giselle said...

Awesome! Hopefully we get to meet then!

12:54 PM


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