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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Travel Time

This past weekend I was able to spend a little time at SLA in Toronto. I made the SARC (Student and Academic Relations Committee) meeting on Sunday and took a Stress Management workshop on Saturday. I also got to meet some other librarians along the way and progress little by little towards the completion of the book.

In my time at Toronto, I experienced something quite different for me. I went to eat at Big Daddy's with Hal and Monica Kirkwood from Purdue. The restaurant was chosen based on the recommendation of the front desk of the hotel. I asked the woman for her favorite restaurant in town. She asked, "What do you like to eat?" I said "No, what is Your favorite restaurant? I will go there." I am quite thankful it was not a steakhouse cause that would be weird since I don't eat red meat...Chicken and fish are ok though. So, the hostess and wait staff at Big Daddy's were excellent. I sure made a scene when the crawfish I ordered came as whole fish. I never had to get the tail meat out of the crawfish myself. I have been quite spoiled. So I had to work for my dinner and of course make a mess. It was fun though. Hal took a picture with one of my crawfish friends who gave his life for me and I will post it when I receive it from him. I even spoke with the manager, who was also quite nice. I love being able to sit outside for a meal on a nice day.

The following day I had lunch with Chad Eng. It was also a good experience, but more tame than the previous night. That is quite funny for me to say considering that Chad is in 3 hard rock/heavy metal bands. We ate at East Side Marios. My spinach and artichoke dip was excellent.

I am currently reviewing where I need to travel to and who still need to get their picture taken. I am doing this by relying on the surveys that have been completed. Deadline is past due and I will only accept a survey if I have already taken your picture.

I will be in Chicago for ALA Friday June 24 - Monday June 27. And then traveling across country July 2 - July 16. I will probably be home for the 4th looks like I may be attending a special event.

As plans unfold, I will post my schedule.


Anonymous Monica Kirkwood said...

Hiya Cynthia!

I just showed Hal this entry and we will send your photo ASAP -- it's at home on the laptop.

It's a FABULOUS picture! We had a great time having dinner and chatting with you. Hopefully we'll see you in Baltimore if not sooner!

Take care :)


2:24 PM

Blogger I am a Librarian said...

Hi Monica,

Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing the picture. Our dinner was quite an experience for me. I think I would much rather just have the crawfish meat then have to work for it.

I am sure that our paths will meet again!

Have a great day!


7:07 PM


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