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Friday, July 08, 2005

Missing the storms...

July 6th

I made it all the way to Sarasota and took pictures of 4 librarians. One at Clemson in SC, two in Atlanta, GA and one in FL. I feel good about that achievement. It was a long drive, as everyday is, but it was getting tight with timing. I even made it up towards the Tampa Bay to stay in the evening.

July 7th

I got up at 5am EST so I could meet Robyn, my friend who I have not seen in about 10 years, at Denny's for coffee before she went to work and I started the day's journey. It was so great to see her. I met a librarian near Tampa and booked it to Tuscaloosa, AL and got there just before sunset, which was nice. It was a great drive through FL today. The sky was perfect and the area I went through reminded me of the New Orleans area. Today is the earliest that I have gotten to my final destination. I think the extra hour helped that though. The family I am staying with has been so nice to let me stay here and to use their internet access. I tried to go to a local coffee shop, but had no luck with the Internet. I am spoiled in the Philly area. I mean, there are free internet spots around the city there and it is hard to get some down south. It is easy to make the assumption that everyone has easy internet access cause I do at home, but that is just not the case. I have another early rise for a picture at 8 and I'm off to Dallas tomorrow. I really like driving. I hope that doesn't change after this trip.

I promise I'll fill in more detail when I have the time, but if there are specific things you want to know, ask me questions.... Thanks!

Have a great day!


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