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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Beautiful NM

Yesterday, I drove on a diagonal through TX. The traffic was so bad on the highway I decided to take a business route and take OK out of my trip. I didn't want to get to NM and go right to bed, like I did in TX. OK is beautiful and I have taken that route before, so I think I made the right move. It was strange driving along a business route. Without mile markers you forget that the goals that the highways help you to achieve. It was getting frustrating not knowing constantly how far I have to go or that I have gone. I was much better once I got on 40.

Last night I saw a beautiful New Mexico sunset and then went into Albuquerque to find dinner. I drove around for a while trying to find parking and then finally got a decent spot. I walked a couple blocks and saw a sign that said Tiki Bar...I think it was Bob's. It looked like fun and so I walked over there, but unfortunately they had stopped serving food. So I told the doorman about my travels and when he was trying to think of places that I should try to get food, he suggested that I go to the Library. Yes, that's right, I went to the Library in Albuquerque. It was pretty much a restaurant that turns into a club and, yes, they have books too. I thought it was very interesting that people were carded, frisked and had to pay a fee to get into the Library in the evening. There were a lot of security guards so at least one would feel safe at the library. :) I was lucky to be able to get some of the guys to pose for me. I will put the picture up when I get a chance. The waitresses wear school girl type outfits and apparently they dance on the tables or bar throughout the evening. It was quite an experience going to the Library. :)


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