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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The stars are bright....

Well, I am not in the heart of Texas, but I am in Texas. I stayed just outside of Dallas. I will be taking a picture of a librarian this morning and trucking it to NM. It was the longest drive yesterday with a couple of traffic jams along the way. One major one was due to a multi-car accident. Since I couldn't see what was going on I decided to blow bubbles that Kristin had given me and to take some pictures. It got some people around me smiling. Thanks, Kristin!

Along the trip I have seen some pretty interesting town names such as:

Bat Cave
Fair Play

The first person to name the states with each of the places listed will get a souvenir from my trip...

Have a great day!


Anonymous chris said...

would you consider looking them up to be cheating? as a librarian, you should encourage that kind of research, right?

8:02 AM

Blogger I am a Librarian said...

Yes, go ahead and do your research. I don't expect that people would know the answer to this off the top of their heads. I want to encourage people to find information. Thanks!

9:52 AM

Anonymous chris said...

Here's what I came up with:

Bat Cave - NC
Fair Play - SC
Quitman - GA
Flowers - FL
Start - LA

Flowers is just a guess, because I couldn't find anything.

How was NM?

10:24 AM

Anonymous Peaches said...

My guesses are:

Bat Cave, NC
Fair Play, SC
Quitman, GA
Flowers, MS
Start, LA

6:03 PM

Blogger mia said...

OK here is my guess:

Bat Cave, NC
Fair Play, SC
Quitman, TX
Flowers, NC
Start, LA

This is a tricky little contest. A couple of those cities are in more than one state you've visited!

8:58 PM

Blogger I am a Librarian said...

Well, here are the answers...

Bat Cave, NC
Fair Play, SC
Quitman, MS
Flowers, NC
Start, LA

Thanks to those who participated. I know it was tricky and it looks like everyone will get a little something for participating...even though no one got it exactly right, I know that some effort was put into finding the answers. Thanks!

10:41 PM

Blogger I am a Librarian said...

Mia, please e-mail me your address so I can send you a little something.



10:43 PM


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