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Monday, January 29, 2007

Something new...

This year I have decided to start posting about the books I have read and what they make me think about.

I have just read Spooky Pennsylvania: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings and Other Local Lore, retold by S.E. Schlosser, which is a collection of short ghost stories in the Pennsylvania area. It was interesting to see many of the stories from a first person perspective, even though the person was completely different with each story. Some of the stories like "The Miner-Minstrel" were actually feel-good or some may even say happy and not really scary stories, so it gave me the feeling of peace for the afterlife. Other stories made me think of some childhood stories, such as saying "Bloody Mary" in front of the mirror. The portrayal of witches throughout the stories was generally negative, I guess I should expect that from ghost stories, but I am always hopeful that it will change. Maybe it's the negative woman stereotype that I just don't like. It stems back to my college thesis on the image of witches in films of the 1990s. I found many negative stereotypes there also, however, in my readings on the subject of Wicca I was much more hopeful of the idea of the good or white witch. Maybe I am just hopeful that there is more good in the world in general?

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Honorable Mention

Hello and Happy New Year!

Check it out, my feature story got honorable mention as one of the top
library and information science (LIS) news stories for 2006. Woo Hoo!