This blog started for the project I am a Librarian! It gave detail the project progress. It will now focus on discussions of the image of the librarian and my interactions with librarians and library staffers as well as cool information that I think could be useful to others.

Friday, March 25, 2005

So far along...

I was just going through my pictures of the librarians and realized that I have two females for every male picture - exactly. I have taken pictures of 46 women and 23 men thus far.

I booked my flight to Pensacola for the photo exhibit at the University of West Florida and I found out that there is a jazz festival in town. :) If all goes well then there might be a couple hours of an actual vacation for me.

Monday, March 21, 2005


This weekend I took a picture of Jackie Knuckle from Chestnut Hill Hospital Library. She was so sweet. It is really a great joy for me to be able to meet such wonderful people as I am doing this project.

Also this week I have closed the list of participants. As soon as I can I will have a total, but it may take a while.

If you have contacted me already please remember to get your surveys to me by May 15th, 2005. If you have responded before March 17, 2005 and have lost the survey, please let me know and I will resend. Thanks so much!


Monday, March 14, 2005

Exciting News!

I will be showing 20-25 of the librarian pictures at the University of West Florida library for National Libraries Week April 10-16, 2005. Pensacola, here I come.

The next librarian photo is set up for Sunday March 20, 2005. I'm progressing one librarian at a time. Slowly but surely, like the turtle at my desk.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Talk at Drexel University

Tonight I gave a talk at Drexel University about PALINET, some OCLC services, my life as a librarian and my I am a Librarian project. I can't believe that I actually talked for an hour and then took questions for about 20 minutes. It was good, but I know that I said "um" way too many times. Well, no one is perfect. For my first long talk I guess it went pretty well. One of the students actually wrote me an e-mail already. :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In front of the audience...

Today, I was prompted to discuss my project at the OCLC Service Meeting in Dublin, OH. I was asked to get up in front of other Regional Service Providers and OCLC staff and tell everyone about it. It was a little intimidating, but cool, nonetheless. Marketing is always good. If I had not sat next to Bruce Crocco of OCLC at dinner the previous night I would not have had this opportunity. Thanks, Bruce! And also thanks to PALINET ( for sending me to OCLC.

On another note, Michael Porter took my picture today to post to his blog. Here's the picture:
Michael, Thanks for the additional publicity.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Project Blogs

I decided to start project blogs for I am a Librarian, while doing some blog research. Please visit for more information. The deadline to participate ends soon.