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Monday, July 11, 2005

Traffic in CA

Well, the traffic in CA is pretty crazy and so it was decided that it would be better not to venture out too much and just to take a chill day and hang in San Bernardino County. I took pictures of two librarians here today. And it was good for me to have a rest from the long days of driving.

Michael and I hung out and got Sushi and went to Starbucks and then finding a Cultural Center closed and me with a coffee stained shirt, I suggested that we go to the mall. Maybe I just wanted an excuse to go shopping, who knows, that sounds like me. And maybe it was because I recalled Paula telling me that I should check out the malls along my trip. Anyway, so I got some new shirts and then decided to get my ears pierced again for the 9th time. Michael was nice to put up with my guilty pleasures here in CA. We had fun taking pictures around and I will post some of them once I get home.

Off to Utah tomorrow....

Have a great day!


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